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    Paws AquaFlow Splash-Free Quencher

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    Our Paws AquaFlow Splash-Free Quencher is ideal for any pet, large or small , its dual floating dispenser system is designed to allow your dog or cat to drink easily without getting their face wet and avoid splashing water everywhere, always keeping the area dry and hygienic.


    Your furry friends will surely enjoy a good habit as it is specially made to prevent them from drinking too quickly, when your pet's tongue touches the floating dispenser, it sinks and the water comes out, thereby slowing down the speed.



    Provides clean water for your pets all day,  its separable 2-piece structure helps prevent dust, dirt and pet hair from falling into the water, keeping it hygienic and free of harmful bacteria for a long time.



    It is made of non-toxic and tasteless PP+ABS+silicone material , which will PROVIDE better safety guarantee for pets. The base adopts a non-slip design, which is more stable when the dog or cat drinks water.




    It is essential for traveling,  thanks to its non-slip and anti-spill base, it effectively prevents water from splashing out of the drinker while traveling quietly in a car. 



    The entire container can hold 1.5 liters of water , enough for your pet to drink for a whole day, plus it is very easy to clean, just take it  apart and rinse it with water or place it  in the dishwasher.




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    Paws AquaFlow Splash-Free Quencher
    • $29.99
    • $60.00
    • AHORRAR 50%

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